April 2014 archive

April 2014

Jenny’s first EVER card of the month is CAMP SALTZMAN tie-dye custom laser cut invitation. There is one thing we love almost as much as paper and that is CAMP! For the invitations we layered charcoal, white and kraftcolored papers togetherby sewing the papers to one another and then we duplexed the 3 layer invite with a custom tie-dye pattern backing. As my client liked to say…our invite is like a Mullet-clean in the front and a PARTY in the back! We then die-cut a pocket for the back and laser cut Leo’s initiallogo onto the pocket where all the invitation inserts went. The reply card was a clever madlib fill in blank card and our weekend event card was a detailed “camp schedule”itinerary that listed all the weekend details. Custom stamps were created that featured the logo pocket and the reply envelope a “you’ve got” MAIL image. Don’t you remember how fun it was to get mail at camp (days before email!)We had custom stir sticks that read “bug juice” and at the Saturday night celebration every kid there got to make a custom t-shirt with different camp theme logo decals. We loved working with this client and helping them bring Camp Saltzman to life!